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Frequently Asked

OpenText Cyber Security 

What is the CyberPLUS Rewards Program?

The OpenText CyberPLUS Rewards program is designed to reward OpenText individual partner representatives and our MSP partners on growing their OpenText business.

What are the dates of the CyberPLUS Program?

March 1, 2023 to August 31, 2023 (both dates inclusive).

What are the eligibility criteria to join the CyberPLUS Program?
To be eligible to participate in the program you must be:

  • Registered under the program in Australia, New Zealand, or India
  • Individual Partner Representatives must be an employee of the Partner at the time of making their claim to be eligible
  • Partners will be responsible for any local taxes arising out of their participation in this incentive.

How can I earn rewards?

Sprint Activities

Members can complete spring activities such as attending webinars, completing webinar assessments, vender certifications and more.

Sales Activities

Members can earn points for claiming net new sales of qualifying products. Members can grow their rewards by Leveling Up their sales reward status.

How do I Level Up with my sales rewards?
By selling additional product types, members will level up and earn more rewards. Only eligible products qualify for additional add on rewards.

What are the products eligible for the program?

Eligible OpenText Security Solution products include Webroot Business Endpoint Protection (WEP), Webroot DNS Protection (WDNS), Webroot Security Awareness Training (WSAT), Carbonite Endpoint Protection (CEP), Carbonite Backup for Microsoft 365 (CM365), Carbonite Server Backup (CSB), Carbonite Availability (CA), Carbonite Migrate (CM), and Carbonite Cloud-to-Cloud Backup (CCB).

How do I claim my sales?

Go to your Sales Claim page (either Reseller or MSP pages depending on your sales) and tag the sales that belong to you. Once you claim those sales, they will no longer be available for anyone else in your Organisation to claim.

What rewards are on offer?
Members can earn points to redeem for instant mastercards on their rewards page.

Are there limited rewards?
Yes. There is a limited prize pool in which you will draw down on when you earn and redeem your rewards. All members will see the percentage available left of the prize pool from their dashboard.

Is there a minimum amount I need to spend in the rewards store?

Yes you can spend a minimum of $20 and a maximum of $500 to spend in the rewards store in each transaction.

When do I receive my Instant rewards?
Members can redeem their points for instant cash rewards in the rewards store as soon as they have enough points. Once you check out your Mastercard you should receive your card instantly in your email.